Could Your Mattress be the Reason for Your Back Pain?

photo of a doctor and a patient who is experiencing back painBack pain has a lot of potential causes, but the often overlooked is the mattress. It’s not that surprising since many people simply don’t pay much attention to their sleep environment. However, your bed matters not just for good, sound sleep, but also because it can save your body from unnecessary pains.

When the Mattress Causes Stress

While it’s hard to know exactly the cause of back pain until you consult a doctor, some signs would tell you the mattress is the culprit. The first one is the time you usually experience the soreness. When you wake up in the morning feeling the pain, and you’d have to stretch out your muscles for a good 15 minutes to shake it off, your mattress might not be the right fit for you.

Another sign is if you constantly toss and turn during the night or wake up suddenly for no reason. Some might also experience too much pressure on some parts of their body when trying different sleeping positions. Others say the bed feels either flat or sinking.

When you see these signs, consider getting a new mattress. Take advantage of mattresses for sale that stores in Salt Lake City, like 2 Brothers Mattress, offer. You don’t have to break the bank for a comfortable bed.

The Makings of a Good Mattress

A good mattress isn’t about the brand or a specific type; it’s about one’s preference and comfort. So, it varies from person to person. What’s comfortable to you might not be the same for another.

But generally, a comfortable mattress is, first, able to support the entire body when you’re lying on your back. Secondly, it shouldn’t be too hard that it disturbs pressure points in your spine. And lastly, it shouldn’t be too soft as well that it’s not able to prop up your body, making your back curl up.

Does your mattress give you back pain? Perhaps it’s time to replace it. Don’t let your body (and sleep) suffer.