Clip On Veneers: Are They a Lasting Solution?

Dentist explaining to a patientAccording to one Cosmopolitan writer, clip on veneers have now become a thing, having tried the temporary veneers on. A company fabricated a set of clip on veneers and customised it for her, all for £325.

She only had to take an impression of her teeth, send it back and picked a shade. Three weeks later, she received her teeth and tried them on for the sake of writing an article.

The Good of Clip On

Now, such veneers may stir your interests. It may be tempting to try them given that the clip on veneers cost far less than permanent ones. They are also removable. And you get to pick what shade you want your veneers to come in.

The Bad of Clip On

The points above may seem to be good enough reason to use clip on veneers rather than permanent ones. Unfortunately, temporary veneers come with several downsides. Eating with the veneers can be difficult.

You may trap food and drink between your teeth and the veneers; this can lead to decay if you wear the veneers full time. Eating and drinking with the veneers on can also affect their longevity.

Better to Go Permanent

Clip on, or press on, veneers can only be great for occasional wear, especially during special events such as weddings. They can last only up to two years as well.

When you want a more lasting solution to discoloured or damaged teeth, you can invest in permanent veneers that can last up to ten years and more if maintained properly.

Cost of Permanent Veneers

You can get veneers in Liverpool from an orthodontist. Costs of permanent veneers vary depending on the material used; you can choose between composite and porcelain. The number of teeth fitted with a veneer will affect cost as well.

Other factors that affect the cost are the location where you get the veneers and the quality of service of the laboratory.

Compared to clip on veneers, you can eat and drink whatever you want with permanent veneers, although you have to clean your teeth thoroughly afterwards.