5 Myths and Truths about Orthodontists and Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontists doing procedures on a patientOctober is the National Orthodontic Health Month. Now is the right time to learn more about orthodontists and orthodontic practices from your trusted orthodontist here in Bluffton. You can even teach others — your children, grandchildren, and even your nephews and nieces — more about its different procedures and how they factor into good oral health. and other experts recommend to better start with these myths:

Find the True Orthodontists

Now, you may think that everyone who offers braces or aligners is an orthodontist. In truth, online companies and general dentists can offer orthodontic treatment. True orthodontists, however, have the experience and certification for orthodontic treatment. Be sure to look for a true orthodontist.

Look at Expense as Investment

Another myth involves the high expense of orthodontic treatment. In truth, costs differ depending on the type and length of treatment. You can have free consultations and pay based on flexible plans, too. Even with high costs, however, each treatment could bring the safe growth of your teeth.

Visit the Orthodontist Regularly

The third myth makes you think that teeth straightening can be done outside orthodontic clinics, yet that is untrue. You can only achieve straight teeth by regularly visiting the orthodontist. You can also receive proper care only at the orthodontist.

Ask for an Estimate of Treatment Length

When you need orthodontic treatment, you may hesitate to undergo one because you may think that treatment will last for years. Actually, length of treatment varies based on the condition of your smile, and the type of straightening treatment — like clear aligners, traditional braces, or ceramic braces. Talk to your orthodontist to have an estimate.

Receive Treatment as an Adult

You may think that orthodontic treatment, especially teeth straightening, is only meant for children and teenagers. In truth, many adults have been turning to orthodontic treatment nowadays. The many straightening options have emboldened adults to have their teeth straightened.

The ones above include only a few myths about orthodontists and orthodontic treatment, but now you know more. What other myths do you know?