Whittlesea: Where People Are Welcome and Choose to Stay

aerial view of Victoria MelbourneWhittlesea, Victoria, is growing in popularity as a residential location in Melbourne’s northern side. From its humble beginnings as a rural area, the quiet city is now Australia’s fastest growing municipality. Between 2014 and 2015, the city has welcomed 8,130 new residents.

This figure tells a lot about the city as a promising residential destination not only in Melbourne but also in the entire country. What makes Whittlesea a prime choice to move into, though? Perhaps the better question is what makes its residents choose to stay? Let us find out.

Openness to development

The growing population of Whittlesea posed an issue with the city’s infrastructure. The good news is its leaders are aware of the great need to improve on this aspect and provide for the needs of its residents.

Also, many land developers are building houses and properties to create new communities. Whittlesea land estates are in high demand, so there is a boom in the real estate industry as well.

Family-friendly community

City mayor Ricky Kirkham said it was not surprising to see residents stay in Whittlesea. According to him, many young families enjoy the city’s open spaces while benefiting from its economic growth.

“You feel quite safe walking down the street; you know people. It takes the hustle and bustle out of city living,” Mayor Kirkham said. This is probably one of the biggest reasons behind the impressively low departure rate in the city.

Interesting attractions

There are many activities to do and attractions to visit in Whittlesea. You could visit the wonderful heritage sites and interesting aboriginal sites.

Locals and visitors are also welcome to take part in different festivals and cultural celebrations. These provide residents with more reasons to relax and unwind, allowing them to maintain work-leisure balance.

A melting pot of cultures

In Whittlesea, everyone is welcome to its tight-knit community. It’s where people of different skin colours, ethnicities, countries of origin and cultural backgrounds are welcome.

Other than Australian locals, you can find Indians, Italians, Greeks and Chinese people living harmoniously in the city.

With all these things, it’s not that hard to see why people come to Whittlesea and choose to stay for good. Look for your own piece of Whittlesea today and see for yourself.