What To Do Before Installing A Door Opener For Your Garage Door

Driveway to a garage door

Having a garage door can make any home more comfortable. You can relax in the relative peace of your home because outdoor sounds are muffled. You can also enjoy low-energy costs because a garage door makes your home more energy-efficient. What’s more is it maximizes security and convenience. However, it can become a big problem when the door opener no longer works. 

Keeping your garage door, where the weather is mostly dry, in pristine condition can prevent air leakage and energy loss. Before you make repairs or replacements to your garage door opener, here are some ways to help you prepare for the installation.

Pick the Right Door Opener

When choosing the right opener, there are two things you should consider:

First, you have to decide on the horsepower. The right horsepower (HP) depends on how many doors you need to open. For heavy doors, 3/4 HP is ideal. For single doors, 1/2 or 1/3 HP would do. Double doors also need 1/2 HP to open properly.

Second, you should consider the drive of the opener. It is the mechanism that makes the opener move. There are three types: belt, screw, and chain drives. Belt drives are costly because they operate almost without a sound. A screw drive, on the other hand, is mid-priced, while the most inexpensive one is the chain drive.

Make Sure All Parts Are Working

To make sure that the door opener is indeed broken, you should check all its other parts. Wobbly brackets and misaligned rollers, for example, can sometimes prevent your door from opening and closing properly.

Test the Door’s Balance

Price’s Guaranteed Doors noted that an unbalanced door could also stop your garage door in Utah from working properly. To check if your door is still balanced, lift it halfway up. If it moves after you let go of it, then it’s truly broken.

Now you’re ready to do repairs or replacement. However, if you need to replace any spring, make sure to call a professional because it’s dangerous to even move it. Otherwise, you’re at risk of getting hurt badly.