Treat Wastewater To Recover Resources And Reduce Costs

Waste Water Treatment Facility

With the onset of summer, you can expect water demand to surge. The high demand will surely tax the local water supply. Your industrial facility may add more pressure on the water supply if you continue to rely on it for your water needs. It may be time for you to turn to wastewater treatment.

Reduced Water Costs

Wastewater treatment can serve beyond the usual environmental functions it performs. It can help conserve water resources, but wastewater treatment can also help you rely less on the local water supply. With reduced water supply reliance, you pay less for the water you use in your facility.

Resource Recovery

Also, you may be able to find practical uses for substances in wastewater. For example, phosphorus commonly pollutes wastewater. Through treatment, you can recover the phosphorus, and you can make fertilizers out of it that you can sell.

Alternately, you can sell the recovered phosphorus to fertilizer makers.

Order Equipment

Wastewater treatment can become a profitable and beneficial process for your facility in the long run. To initiate a program, you will need equipment naturally. One online resource can help you with the equipment you need such as a filter underdrain, skimmers, clarifiers, and other essentials.

Initial Treatment

In your treatment program, you will need several stages to clean your wastewater completely. You naturally begin with the collection of sewage. The collected wastewater then passes through screens that remove solid waste and then undergoes primary treatment to remove dissolved solid matter.

Additional Treatment

After primary treatment, the wastewater undergoes secondary treatment that further eliminates microscopic pollutants by using microorganisms and bacteria. Finally, the wastewater can either undergo a third treatment or go through disinfection to clean it completely.

You can then reuse the water after this whole process. The sludge and biosolids you separate from the water undergo treatment to recover resources or even reused to power your facility.

You can access all the good that wastewater treatment can bring if you invest in it. It will cost great upfront initially, but the returns will be twofold.