No Kidding: Traits You Must Have When Starting a Kid-Focused Business

Cute little girl is smiling lovely and showing thumbs up while standing in the classroomLittle children can bring huge success to your business. They’re the biggest influencers of purchase decisions in households. Parents are spending huge amounts on children’s clothing, education, toys, and of course, the birthdays. From the perspective of an entrepreneur, this is a lucrative market. But just because it’s a young audience who’s all fun and games doesn’t mean this isn’t serious business.

Not everyone is cut out for this job. Here are the essential traits you need if you’re planning to get into this type of business:


While this is a promising endeavor, money isn’t enough to get you through the struggles of this business. You must first love kids if you really want to start and stay in this industry. This is the biggest reason not all entrepreneurs could thrive in this field.

So, find out if this is really what your passion is. If it is, surround yourself with like-minded, passionate people. You can start your journey with being a franchisee, so you can find a mentor in your franchisor. Take advantage of daycare services or children’s party franchise opportunities; see how franchisors channel their passion in such businesses.


Entrepreneurs, in general, must be able to think outside the box, but those who serve young audiences must take their creativity game a notch higher. That’s because children-focused businesses that stay in the industry are only those that are constantly innovating, keeping up with kids' broad imaginations.

Entrepreneurs who are into the indoor playground or amusement park business are always on the lookout for fresh, new recreation amenities to spark and sustain the interest of children. Those who design toys must find unique concepts to tickle kids’ imagination. You need to hone your creativity.


You may have a manager supervising the daily activities in your indoor playground, which saves you from dealing with children’s tantrums or whatnot, but in one way or another, you’ll encounter kids. For sure, you will face parents who would have feedback about how you run things. So, it’s important to have patience.

Assess your sense of composure and tolerance with your own kids or if you don’t have any yet, try to immerse yourself first on a children-related job, say, in a daycare care center. Your goal is to develop empathy towards kids, so you can master the art of patience.

Again, not everyone is fit to run a kid-focused business. It takes more than just the will to start a business. You need to have these characteristics to make things happen.