Need a Productivity Boost? These Office Changes Might Just be the Answer

Employees in an OfficeTo keep the business running, employees must work at an efficient pace. Although productivity rests largely on a person’s skills and time management, the physical environment can also affect an employee’s performance.

If your employees’ productivity is flagging, then the workplace might not be conducive to getting the job done. Its décor might need some tweaking. These three office changes might improve employee performance.

Hang Artwork

Other than being an aesthetic touch, artwork can enhance workplace performance. Urban95, a retailer of office furniture, claims that 60% of employees who hang art pieces in their spaces experience a boost in their productivity.

Companies can also give the employees the freedom to choose which art pieces to hang in their offices. The choice of artwork to hang in their offices could likewise boost staff creativity.

Keep the Office Lit

Offices lit by daylight also improve performance. Using natural light in the workplace can lead to a 7.2% increase in workplace productivity.

If the office building isn’t constructed to efficiently let light in, then companies must make sure that they have quality interior lighting. Good lighting decreases the likelihood of errors and accidents. A well-lit room also reduces eyestrain.

The amount of light in an office might even be too much or too little for employees. Companies should allow their staff to control the lighting in their offices. This way, employees can regulate the amount of light they need to work efficiently.

Use Plants             

Sometimes, a bare office can be bad for workplace productivity. Adding plants, like cacti or a vase of flowers, can make the workplace more inviting. Household plants engage employees psychologically and help them work better. Plants not only improve workplace performance but keep employees happy, as well.

As in the case of lighting and artwork, companies could allow their staff to design their workspaces. The freedom to revamp their areas according to their preferences fosters creativity.

The physical environment of a workplace is an important factor in employee performance. To achieve full productivity, work areas need more than just desks, chairs, and computers. A little cactus here and a painting there will go a long way in boosting your workplace efficiency.