Methods to Motivate Cleanliness and Orderliness in the Office

A janitor cleaning the office A sanitary and tidy office puts your company in a good light with clients and partners. You may want to encourage your own people to be part in keeping the office clean and orderly or you can acquire janitorial services from trusted providers in Salt Lake City. Specialists from Flooring, Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah have a few suggestions that you can start with.

Inform Everyone of Cleaning Schedules

Sometimes work gets in the way of cleanliness. Overtime or sudden task emergencies can make certain office inaccessible to cleaning crews, which is detrimental in the long run. Schedule all your monthly intensive sanitation services with a professional cleaning provider for the whole year. Inform everyone of these dates at the start of the year and remind them a week before.

Create Cleaning Competitions

Add a touch of fun and friendly competition within your workspace. Create a few monthly cleanliness awards along with your “Worker of the Month” tribute. Create interdepartment contests that require them to clean and doll up their areas. Make sure that your prizes are something worth their efforts so everyone will be motivated to join.

Require Orderliness and Cleanliness

It’s easy enough to draw up a list of simple rules to “clean as you go” or “return everything to their proper place”. Along with the regulations, you should also include a punishment and reward system¬†for you people to take these policies seriously. Just make sure that the punishments and rewards are justifiable and are within your local legal system.

Let Your Actions Speak

As one of the superiors of your company, you need to be the primary example of your own rules and regulations. Make sure that your own room and desk reflect your own fastidiousness in tidiness and sanitation. See that your personal hygiene matches your requirement for office cleanliness. It would encourage your people follow your example, especially since you do practice what you preach.

Cooperation and unity can get any job done effectively. This also holds true with keeping your work area neat and tidy. Get everyone to aim for an orderly and clean office, and you will see wonders happening in your workplace.