Items in Your Workplace That Need Labels

A folder with the label Occupational safetyThe workplace is a collection of harmless and dangerous items that work together to help everyone do their job. Some items do not need to be labelled if their use is straightforward and they cannot be mistaken for anything else, but some dangerous items need labels to avoid confusion and accidents.

Here are items you should not forget to label:

Powders and granules

In a regular kitchen, labels are necessary to identify sugar and salt. Using one in place of the other may spell disaster. The same is true in a laboratory if you do not label powders and granules, especially if they are stored with similar items. Do not take the risk; use your thermal printer to come up with labels you can laminate before sticking to each container.


When they are in their original container, they might already have labels, but if you pour them into a different container for storage or use within the day, they need a new label. It does not matter how soon you are using them. If you are handling more than one chemical, you need to know which one you are using now so that there will be no dangerous surprises. Chemicals may seem harmless, but they could react with other chemicals and lead to unpredictable results.


It is not just the materials you use that need labelling. Disposal bins may be just as dangerous if they are not appropriately labelled. Imagine throwing out one chemical into an innocent-looking bin, only for it to be followed by another chemical that should not be in contact with one you had just disposed of. Even the disposal of absorbents and cotton balls with these substances may have catastrophic results. Aside from proper waste disposal, observe adequate labelling of bins at all times.

Everything that could potentially be harmful should have labels on them. You can never be too careful.