Age-Appropriate Diets for Your Pet Cat

kittens brought to a vetCats have very particular nutritional requirements. Reason being, giving the wrong food can result in health issues, such as obesity and allergic reactions, which in extreme cases might result in death.

Your cat’s current stage in life is a major determinant of the kind of diet plan that you should prepare. As such, before you buy cat food online, ensure that it reaches the nutritional standards of that particular age. Do not forget other potential health problems that may result from cat food. Having that said, here is an insight into cat stages in life and their appropriate foods.


Kittens range from birth to six months, and junior kittens are six months to two years old. Kittens are known to be among the most active pets in households. As such, they quickly convert their calories into energy and require more. As such, you should feed kittens meals that are rich in protein and fats. These develop strong muscles, teeth and bones.

Adult cats

These are prime cats ranging from three to six years of age. They start to mature when they reach the age of seven to ten. Here, always administer a low-calorie meal for weight control. At this stage, your cat can be prone to diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart diseases. Therefore, controlling their diet goes a long way in keeping these complications at bay. However, the meal content should be exceptional to pregnant or nursing cats.

Senior cats

This includes cats that are between eleven and fourteen years old. Geriatrics, on the other hand, are fifteen years and older. The feeding patterns and habits employed here focus on prolonging their lives. Since they are very sedentary, highly digestible proteins and low-fat foods are highly recommended. This helps ease the burden on their kidneys and other organs.

A proper diet is your cat’s defence against illnesses. The nutritional values of the cat food you buy should always be on the label. Also, ensure that it clearly identifies the meat source (beef, turkey, chicken, tuna, or fish) — not just labelled as meat products.