3 Writing Hacks to Make Your Content Mofe Appealing to International Audiences

A Girl Typing On LaptopPeople who visit your business website may come from various parts of the globe. They may read and understand English, but that doesn’t mean they can relate well to your blog posts. Sometimes, an expression or idiom that is popularly known in one country does not resonate with English speakers on the other side of the globe. So, what can you do to make sure you can convert this international traffic into leads?

Here are some of the writing hacks you can employ to make your content more appealing to an international audience:

Add quick notes for culture-specific items in your content

When writing for a global audience, you need to be aware of how your own cultural norms affect your article. Not every country on the planet celebrates Thanksgiving, for instance. So when writing a blog about a holiday, you might want to add a quick explanation for culturally rooted items— such as pie (the traditional holiday dessert) and turkey (traditional Thanksgiving food) — that you’ll mention in the article.

Watch out for units of measurement

Units of measure vary across the globe. Instead of displaying units of measure used by several countries, you might want to make your content more global-friendly by providing alternatives. Here’s an example: “…you have to run a twenty-mile (32 km) marathon…”

Create call-to-actions with translation in mind

Usually written using imperative verbs, a call-to-action or CTA is a short instruction designed to provoke an immediate response from a reader. Make it even shorter if you plan to translate it to another language in Singapore or in other countries with different alphabets. Just think of “visit our store today”. Will it still be concise once translated to a Mandarin, perhaps?

Your next customer could be anywhere today. So, follow these tips and you have a better chance of connecting with potential customers beyond your own local borders.