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WET GODDESS: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover

Q: Is it actually possible for a human to have sex with a dolphin?

A: Well, SHE certainly seemed to think so...
Thomas Francis, who wrote a piece mentioning WET GODDESS for his article on zoophilia, said he got asked this question more often than any other!

Please understand, dolphins are NOT fish, they are placental mammals adapted to life in the water.
They give birth to live young underwater and nurse underwater too!

Female dolphins have a vagina (albeit somewhat modified), clitoris and all the other equipment you'd find on a woman tucked away in a genital slit. The breasts are located in pockets on either side of the genital slit.

The vaginal modifications consist of a couple of flaps referred to as a pseudocervix (pl. pseudocervices?). Their presumed purpose is to help keep salt water out of the uterus.
Interestingly enough I haven't found these referred to in any of the supposedly true accounts by men claiming to have intercourse with female dolphins, which makes me suspect that all such accounts are bogus. It could even be found in the veterinary literature, should anyone think to look!

Unlike a human male, however, the male dolphin's penis is a stiff, retractable rod of cartilege covered with sensitive skin. It is roughly shaped like a saxophone and is not prehensile, contrary to reports on the Web, and the jizz, while plentiful, does not come out at supersonic, uterus-shattering speeds.

Dolphins usually mate belly-to-belly with the female on top! The male swims underneath her, then rolls on his back to mate. While mating, the female holds the male with her flippers tucked in behind his. She pushes, supplies thrust and controls depth of the male's penetration and timing of the act with her rhythmic thrusts. Sometimes they also do it "shark style," at right angles. They are every bit as adaptable as we are. Definitely one of the most liberated females in the animal kingdom!

So to answer your question... yes, it is possible! And given that humans and dolphins both have sex for social as well as reproductive reasons, it was virtually inevitable. I'm certain I'm not the first human to have sex with a dolphin, but I am the first one to write about it publicly.

Q: Is it possible for a dolphin to feel a complex human emotion like love?

A: Good question. Let me get back to you on that.

Q: How can an animal give consent? If you didn't get consent, you must have raped that poor dolphin, or at least molested and abused her!

A: I see this question a lot on the forums, usually from some indignant person who knows nothing about dolphins. It's also the official position of PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (ahem!)
In fact, it has cost me a couple of newfound friends who dropped me because of my supposed abuse of the dolphin!

Let me reassure you, the laws of physics make it virtually impossible for a human to rape or sexually abuse a dolphin in the water; they're big, slippery, fast, strong, and they can kill you five or six different ways without thinking too hard about it.

Even out of the water, dolphins are still phenomenally strong, dangerous creatures. If you actually READ my book, you'll find out

  1. I wasn't originally interested in having sex with a dolphin, that was HER idea;
  2. Whenever I was in the water with the dolphin I was at her mercy;
  3. If the dolphin hadn't liked what was going on, she could have chased me out of the water, hurt, injured or even killed me! Furthermore,
  4. The idea of informed consent is a legal benchmark for human-on-human rape which excludes children and the mentally disabled as being unable to give "informed consent."
HOWEVER, as you may have observed, NON-HUMAN ADULT ANIMALS are neither human children nor mentally disabled!

Instead, let's flip the question over. Usually, it's asked about female animals because it's ASSUMED that any male animal who gets sex is giving his consent by mounting the female! So female animals are usually seen as more vulnerable than males.
BUT, if female animals could NOT consent, then


As almost anyone who has bred animals or watched them mate knows, this is simply UNTRUE!
While they may not be able to answer a question with a verbal "Yes, honey, let's make love," female non-human animals have many ways of consenting to sex.

This is, after all, what COURTSHIP is all about: the male obtaining the female's consent to mate!

  • In mammals, the female may urinate in front of a male, inviting him to smell her urine, unconsciously estimate her hormone levels and realize she's ready.

  • Does in estrus rub bucks under the neck to get their attention, and mares can make their clitoris wink in and out of their vulva to signal a stallion they're hot to trot!

  • Reciprocal behavior also works. I have seen bitches and cows in heat mount the male to get his attention and show they're ready.

  • Female birds will grab a male's beak and bob his head up and down, as he might do when courting them!

  • Female animals may make certain vocalizations (cries or mating calls) which have evolved to signal an interested male. One of the first dolphin calls scientists identified in the mid-1960's was the so-called "come hither" call!

  • Many female mammals adopt a certain posture when they want to mate called lordosis typically with the head lowered, the buttocks raised and the tail swept to one side. This is an invitation that says MOUNT ME NOW!

  • Dolphins, both male and female, adopt the S-curve posture to show their willingness to mate, like an S turned 90° left. The snout and the peduncle are raised with the flukes raked downward, exposing the genital slit.

  • FINALLY... the female gives consent by LETTING THE MALE MOUNT HER!

  • It can be very dangerous for a male to mount an unwilling or uncooperative female; she may just walk out from under him, or she may bite, kick, scratch, or otherwise try to deter the male.

Indeed, zoologists and ethologists are rapidly coming to recognize that far from being passive receptacles for male semen, female animals often play an active and involved role in choosing their mates and deciding when mating will take place.
This was certainly my experience with the dolphin. I did not try to train her or condition her to have sex with me; I never gave her any reward for sexual behavior other than my attention and the stimulation she got.
On the contrary, she had to work quite hard to train ME to have sex with HER!

Q: Is this story true or false? The books says it's a novel, but you act like it's non-fiction.

A: It's all true. I published WET GODDESS as a novel to basically cover my ass, as some of the principal characters are still alive.
Also, after 30 years I didn't trust my memories, and my notes from those days suck. This is my story, my ass on the line and I didn't want or need anybody arguing the petty details with me.
Further, I found it easier to write about a fictitious character, albeit one very like myself.
Finally, I thought readers who would find it difficult to read as a memoir of interspecies sex might find it more approachable and readable as a piece of fiction.

Q: Why are you just getting around to publishing this story now, almost forty years after it happened?

A: Believe me, if I could have published it sooner I would have!
I started writing this book in 1973 at the suggestion of Dr. John C. Lilly. He gave an early draft to his editor, but my writing was simply not up to snuff.

Also, I had almost no emotional distance from these events.
I couldn't write about them without getting sad, and every rejection slip was not only a rejection of my novel but of me and my experience as well.
I tried about two and a half times to write this novel between 1975 and 1981. I had absolutely no self-discipline, so it took me a long time.

In 1981 I showed it to an Australian author, Gavin Dawes, who said the manuscript was a total mess. You need to go back and re-read Aristotle's 'Ars Poetica,' he said.

I never had read 'Ars Poetica,' but I didn't tell him that. Instead, I just shelved the manuscript and decided to publish something else first. Oh, if only!

I picked the book up and began to write again in 1994. Why? Because I heard about the remake of Flipperstarring Paul Hogan! Boy, what a mess THAT movie was.

However, it got me writing again, and using my newfound skills as a journalist I began to write in a disciplined and methodical way, about an hour a day, five days a week, nine months a year.
I wrote before I went into work, so I would be fresh.

I finished the book in 2009, just in time for the breakup of my second marriage.

I contracted with 1stBooks Libarary to self-publish it, but after repeatedly assuring me they had no trouble with the interspecies sex, they backed out, keeping $40 of my money!
In 2002 I hired an agent, but she got in a car wreck.
In 2005 I hired another agent, but after working with her for six months she proved absolutely useless.

Finally I heard that a writer from NEW TIMES was looking to interview zoophiles.
After speaking with Thomas Francis I realized that his article would give me a brief window of opportunity of free publicity.
So I took it, marshaled my resources and published the first press run 50 copies early in 2010. It's been all uphill since then!

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